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The GOFISHAB APP provides timely and accurate trout fishing conditions on the TOP Central and Southern Alberta trout rivers and lakes along with lots of other useful information for trout anglers of all levels, from beginner to seasoned professionals. GOFISHAB will save you valuable time and will help you select the best location to spend your next trout fishing outing in Central or Southern Alberta.

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Water conditions

Water temperature provided on the Bow River South of Calgary throughout the fishing season. Water temperature and clarity provided periodically throughout the fishing season for all other waters.

Description & Status

A short description and status (open or closed to fishing) is provided for all GOFISHAB waters.

Flow Rates

View current flow rates for Alberta’s Top Trout Rivers and daily comparative analysis against seasonal and the previous year's averages.

And so much more

Check out the APP Menu which is loaded with useful trout fishing information and a location summary for quick reference.

What We Provide

Rivers Lakes
Short Description of the waterbody, access overview, trout species present
Status – Open or Closed for fishing
Notes and Observations (Quick summary of key notes and observations for each location)
* Current flow rate
* Historical Average Flow Rate
* Average flow rate from the past year
* Trending Flow Rate (past 24 hours)
* Water Temperature (daily for the Bow River south of Calgary, provided periodically for all other waters)
* Water Clarity (provided periodically throughout the fishing season)
Current Lake Stocking Report
Weather Forecast
Hatch Chart
Local Resources (Link to useful local resources for each location)
Option to select and save your favorite rivers or lakes for easy and quick access to fishing conditions

* Available May thru September each fishing season.

About Us
User Guide
Location Summary (Quick summary of the status of all locations covered on the GOFISHAB APP)
Boat Launch Maps
Trout Fishing in Alberta
Water Temperature Guidelines for Trout Fishing
Fish Handling Best Practices
Alberta Sportfishing Regulations
Useful Links

One month free, no commitment required!

Our Mission

To provide trout anglers in Alberta with timely and accurate fishing conditions and information on Central and Southern Alberta’s top trout fishing Rivers and Lakes which can be used to select the optimal trout fishing location any time of the fishing season.

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